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To make a new page you just need ordinary user privileges.

Take a few minutes to look through the existing categories and subcategories. Does your proposed new page/set of pages align with a pre-existing category? If so you can create a new page using a template as follows:

  • Each category page has an input box with a button below labelled 'name and create a new document'. Type the name of the page you wish to create into the box and click the bar.
  • this will create a new page in the edit view
  • Once you have a new page in the editing view, you can type directly into the page or cut and paste from Word documents and from PDFs. To convert cut-and-pasted text, select the text and click the [W] button on the toolbar.
  • The toolbar contains most of the editing and searching buttons you are familiar with from Word. Mouse-over text explains them.
  • References should be set out in the Harvard style
  • When the first draft of your page is complete, make any comments needed in the Summary box then click Save.
  • This produces a new page which will be reviewed and edited by the EarthwiseTM panel before appearing in the alphabetical list of 'Additional' pages in the home category you have chosen.