OR/13/001 Model development log

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The amalgamated model from 2011 supercedes the individual 25K sheet tiles The individual tiles in their pre amalgamation form with supporting files are stored as archived versions. The subsequent editing of the amalgamated model has not been transmitted back to the earlier individual model tiles. All entries by S J Mathers.

10 May 2011
Completed sections and imported a 50 m grid to calculate the whole model Southern_merge_v12.gsipr.

19 August 2011
Added the TL 92 tile, prepared a new dtm for enhanced area (untrimmed) and a cut back one for calculation (whole), added artificial deposits wgr, mgr, wmgr from new Colchester_Brightlingsea sheet, bedrock units are now faulted, saved as v15. Calculates well

8 January 2013
Added a BGS bald earth model at 50 m resolution trimmed back to model area
Tidied the gsg1 lense at Marks Tey and produced envelope for the top this now works
Model is not totally snapped
Project saved as Southern merge_16 with faults and baselines and Southern merge_17 with the single fault stripped out and baselines converted to polygons
Calculation takes about 40 minutes
Mgr, wgr and wmgr have envelopes and are shown in sections
Several screen grabs made for this report all at VE x10
Added 2 llte helpers due to an upward bulge at Marks Tey

30–31 January 2013
Further revisions (extra sections, new dtm extent, unit name changes) following checking by Mark Barron saved as Colchester_v21.

25 April 2013
Further minor revisions following snapping by Ian Cooke saved as Colchester_v28.