OR/13/001 Model workflow

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A standard GSI3D workflow (Kessler & Mathers, 2004;[1]; Kessler et al. 2009[2]) for superficial geological models was followed, in the parts of the model surveyed as an integrated exercise (all TM) borehole coding was followed by the field survey, the 1:10 000 geological lines were captured digitally by CartoGIS from field slips and/or fair drawn linework on plastic. The resulting 1:10 000 scale provisional shape files were then provided for use in modelling. Edits to the shape files were made iteratively as a result of the modelling, in particular subcrops at rockhead were revised with the benefit of a 3D visualisation of the geology. It has been assembled and edited using the current versions of the GSI3D software since 2006 i.e. 2.0–2.6–2011–2012 (bedrock).


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