OR/14/004 Foreword

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Thomson, A W P (Editor), Beggan, C, Kelly, G, Baillie, O, Viljanen, A, and Ngwira, C. 2014. Project EURISGIC: worst case scenarios (Technical note D5.1). British Geological Survey Open Report, OR/14/004.

This report is the published product of a study by the British Geological Survey (BGS) as part of the EURISGIC EC FP7 project (BGS projects NEE4272SF and NEE3710F) into the risk from geomagnetically induced currents (GIC) in high voltage power systems across Europe.

A review of BGS and project partners’ research and publications into space weather and GIC ‘worst case scenarios’ is presented. This work has mostly already appeared in the peer reviewed literature, but is collected here to provide an easy overview of the EURISGIC team’s collective achievements during the project lifetime.