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Mathers, S J, Terrington, R L, Waters, C N, and Thorpe S. 2014. The construction of a bedrock geology model for England and Wales. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/14/039.

Data sources consulted and decisions made in section construction were recorded in the specially designed Cross-Section Metadata Recording Database using MsAccess (Figures 16–18). This was formerly known as the GB3D Section Tracker (Mathers et al. 2014[1]). Figure 16 shows the main input form where all metadata details are held. Figure 17 shows a close up example of the diary entries (total over 2150) made for each individual cross-section, and Figure 18 shows part of the extensive list of sources consulted. The sources were recorded section by section, there are 943 individual sources cited in this database including existing models, cross-sections, structural contour maps, scientific papers and BGS reports. The database also records the QA and approval decisions section by section.

The database is dynamically updated and can be utilised by all the participating geologists simultaneously. It can be made available as required as an MSAccess database.

Figure 16 Cross-Section Metadata Recording Database main input form.
Figure 17 Example diary entries for one individual cross-section.
Figure 18 The sources used in individual section construction pull down list with 943 entries.


  1. Mathers, S J, Terrington, R L, Waters, C N, and Leslie, A G. 2014. GB3D — a framework for the bedrock geology of Great Britain. Geoscience Data Journal 3, 9. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/gdj3.9/full