OR/14/044 Model development log

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Terrington, R L, Shelley, C, and Ramos Cabrera, L. 2014. Model metadata report for the Leeds-Aire Valley 3D geological model. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/14/044.
  • All digital data were processed, prepared and imported into the GSI3D modelling software.
  • A generalised geological sequence was devised to best fit the deposits seen and recorded in the data collection phase and based on the DigMap 1:10 000 scale data available which was recorded into the GVS file for the modelling.
  • All borehole data were considered during interpretation.
  • At the end of interpretation a checking phase based on interrogation of a fence diagram of all cross-sections was performed.
  • Geological envelopes marking the extents of each geological unit were then created.
  • Final model calculation was performed with several iterative phases to get the best model calculation possible.
  • Model calculation is by triangulation of nodes from correlated geological units in cross-section lines, geological envelopes and DTM.

GSI3D models. Updates on:



  • Same content as LEEDS_V1_0 but soil has been re‐positioned above the made ground.


  • Same content as LEEDS_V2_0 but till has been re‐positioned above the glld.