OR/14/044 Modelled surfaces/volumes

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Terrington, R L, Shelley, C, and Ramos Cabrera, L. 2014. Model metadata report for the Leeds-Aire Valley 3D geological model. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/14/044.

Table 1 shows the list of units that have been modelled as surfaces/volumes in the Leeds Aire Valley model.

Table 1    List of geological units modelled in the Leeds-Aire Valley 3D geological model
Model Unit Name Lexicon Code Rock Classification Scheme Full Name Age Description, Lithology
soil SOIL SOIL Soil Holocene Soil
mgr MGR ARTDP Made Ground Holocene Made Ground (Undivided). Includes colliery spoil and industrial and commercial waste
lsgr LSGR ARTDP Landscaped Ground Holocene Landscaped Ground (including sewage works, industrial trading estates)
wgr WGR VOID Worked Ground Holocene Worked Ground (Undivided)
wmgr WMGR ARTDP Worked and Made Ground Holocene Infilled Ground
alv_1 ALV ZCS Alluvium 1 Holocene Silt, Clay and Sand
rtdu RTD1 SV River Terrace Deposits Holocene Sand and Gravel
till TILL CZSV Main Till Sheet Devensian Diamicton
glld GLLD CZ Glaciolacustrine Deposit Devensian Silt and Clay
gfdu GFDU SV Glaciofluvial Deposit Devensian Sand and Gravel