OR/14/047 Acknowledgements

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Farr, G, and Hall J. 2014. Atmospheric deposition and groundwater dependent wetlands: implications for effective catchment management and future Water Framework Directive groundwater classification in England and Wales. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/14/047.

A large number of individuals have contributed to this work at all stages of the study, their comments and reviews have been extremely helpful. In addition to the collation and analysis of data, many individuals have freely given their advice, and provided the local knowledge and information so important to the successful outcome of any project. Thanks are due to: Natalie Phillips (Kieboom) (Environment Agency Project Manager), Dr Mark Whiteman (Geoscience Team, Environment Agency), Dr Rob Kinnersley (air quality-Environment Agency), Mella O’Driscoll (Air Quality Environment Agency), Ann Skinner (Senior Conservation Advisor Environment Agency), Paul Howlett (Technical Specialist Groundwater-Environment Agency), Sarah Watkins (Environment Agency), Iain Diack (Natural England), Anna Weatherall (Natural England), Zoe Russell (Natural England), Dr Peter S Jones (Peatland Specialist Natural Resources Wales), Khalid Aazem and Dylan Lloyd (air quality Natural Resources Wales) and Rachel Breen (Geoscience Team Natural Resources Wales).