OR/14/047 Appendix 1

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Farr, G, and Hall J. 2014. Atmospheric deposition and groundwater dependent wetlands: implications for effective catchment management and future Water Framework Directive groundwater classification in England and Wales. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/14/047.
Name Organisation Role or interest
Project Team
Natalie Phillips (Kieboom) Environment Agency Project manager and Geosciecne
Dr Mark Whiteman Environment Agency Modelling Specialist
Gareth Farr British Geological Survey Hydrogeologist
Jane Hall Center for Ecology and Hydrology Critical Loads
Consultees and partners
Dr Rob Kinnersley Environment Agency Air Quality
Ann Skinner Environment Agency Senior Conservation Advisor
Mella O’Driscoll Environment Agency Air quality
Sarah Watkins Environment Agency Air quality
Paul Howeltt Environment Agency Groundwater
Iain Diack Natural England Senior Specialist — Wetlands
Anna Wetherell Natural England Hydrogeologist
Gorden Wyatt Natural England Senior Specialist, Air Quality
Dr Peter S Jones Natural Resources Wales Terrrestrial ecosystems group
Rachel Breen Natural Resources Wales Geoscience Team
Khalid Aazem Natural Resources Wales Air quality
Debbie Allen British Geological Survey Hydrogeologist
Laurence Jones Center for Ecology and Hydrology Dune habitats, Nitrogen impacts research
Camilla Keane PLINK network