OR/15/013 Model assumptions, limitations and uncertainty

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Woods, M A, Newell, A J, Haslam, R, Farrant, A R and Smith, H. 2015. A physical property model of the Chalk of southern England. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/15/013.

The model is precisely fitted to well markers at borehole control points, however these are often widely (20 km or more) spaced and the model may not accurately record the geology of the Chalk in areas between boreholes. There may be folds, faults and flexures which have not been properly represented in the model. The model has not been force-fitted to the elevation-attributed DigMapGB-50 geological linework so there will only be approximate correspondence between the modelled outcrop position and that shown on geological maps. This disparity partly results from the coarse (1 km or more) down sampling of DTM grids during the SKUA model building process.