OR/18/026 Acknowledgements

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R S Ward1, P L Smedley1, G Allen2, B J Baptie1, M R Cave1, Z Daraktchieva3, R Fisher5, D Hawthorn1, D G Jones1, A Lewis4, D Lowry5, R Luckett1, B P Marchant1, R M Purvis4 and S Wilde4. 2018. Environmental baseline monitoring: phase III final report (2017–2018). British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/18/026.

With contributions from:
E J Bradley3, M Bowes1, M Coleman5, A Horleston6, C H Howarth3, R Fisher5, M Lanoisellé5, T R Lister1, C A Miller3, C J Milne1, J Pitt2, M O Rivett7, A K A P Barkwith1 and J M Wasikiewicz3

(1): British Geological Survey
(2): University of Manchester
(3): Public Health England
(4): University of York (National Centres for Atmospheric Science)
(5): Royal Holloway University of London
(6): University of Bristol
(7): GroundH2O Plus

We wish to acknowledge the support of Jose M. Bermudez, BEIS Project Manager, for the administration and management of the grant award. We also acknowledge the considerable technical support given by Jenny Bearcock, Andy Butcher, Sean Burke (BGS) and John Tellam (University of Birmingham), as well as BGS field staff and laboratory staff, and Environment Agency laboratory staff. We are indebted to Jackie Swift and Jan Wraith for administrative support (and cakes).

We especially wish to thank landowners in the field areas for their continued cooperation and support throughout the period of the monitoring project.