OR/18/049 Acknowledgements

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Tamayo-Mas, E, Harrington, J F, Brüning, T, Kolditz, O, Shao, H, Dagher, E E, Lee, J, Kim, K, Rutqvist, J, Lai, S H, Chittenden, N, Wang, Y, Damians, I P, Olivella, S. 2018. DECOVALEX-2019 project: Task A - modElliNg Gas INjection ExpERiments (ENGINEER). Nottingham, UK, British geological Survey. (OR/18/049).

DECOVALEX is an international research project comprising participants from industry, government and academia, focusing on development of understanding, models and codes in complex coupled problems in sub-surface geological and engineering applications; DECOVALEX-2019 is the current phase of the project. The authors appreciate and thank the DECOVALEX-2019 Funding Organisations Andra, BGR/UFZ, CNSC, US DOE, ENSI, JAEA, IRSN, KAERI, NWMO, RWM, SÚRAO, SSM and Taipower for their financial and technical support of the work described in this report. The statements made in the report are, however, solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Funding Organisations. The authors also thank Mrs Fiona McEvoy for her review of the manuscript.