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[[William Edmond Logan|Logan, William Edmond]]
[[William Edmond Logan|Logan, William Edmond]]
[[T. Victor Loudon|Loudon, T. Victor]]
[[Joseph Lucas|Lucas, Joseph]]
[[Joseph Lucas|Lucas, Joseph]]

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Eileen M. Guppy. P810156
Sir John Flett; Director of the Survey in 1935. P505863

The original resource provided brief biographical information for the members of staff who served in the organisation during the first hundred years of its existence. This Earthwise version starts with the original content and will extend this for Directors and other key staff.

To mark the centenary of the formation of the Geological Survey, Sir John Flett, Director of the Survey in 1935, wrote 'The First Hundred Years of the Geological Survey'. Published by HMSO in 1937, this work became one of the key texts for anyone carrying out research into the development of the Survey. One section, Appendix 2, provides an invaluable reference list of those who served on the staff of the Survey between 1835 and 1935. The Prefatory Note in Flett's work acknowledges the contribution of Miss E M Guppy in the compilation of the staff list. Library notes provide greater detail

While the list as it appears in the published work provides only brief biographical details for each individual member of staff, the BGS Library Archives include the full MSS notes (GSM1/718) made by Miss Guppy. These notes contain a much fuller entry for each person and give a fascinating insight into the careers of many of the geologists involved, forming the core of this resource.

What's in the Pioneers section?[edit]

The Pioneers of the British Geological Survey resource includes:

All names listed in Appendix II of Sir John Flett's history. This includes all staff who were in the Survey before 1900. After 1900 it includes only the scientific staff and not the technical assistants, general assistants, draughtsmen, warders, cleaners, messengers etc.

Information for each member of staff, derived from the extended notes compiled by Miss Guppy with additional amendments and updated information, e.g. obituaries, biographies, photographs and sample signatures. This updating will continue. Additionally, more recent staff are now being included where appropriate in this Earthwise version.


Flett, J S. 1937. The First Hundred Years of the Geological Survey. (London: HMSO.)

Guppy, E M. 1935. Geological Survey Staff. [Unpublished manuscript.] BGS Archives GSM1/718

Guppy, E M. 2000. BGS Archives GSM1/718, Biographical notes on Geological Survey staff: A transcription of the original archive notes. Selected Documents from the BGS Archives No. 2. British Geological Survey Technical Report WO/00/04. http://nora.nerc.ac.uk/id/eprint/524542/

Members of staff who were accepted for military or other duty with the Forces during the World War I[edit]

This list was published in the Summary of Progress for 1918.

Dixon, E. E. L. Lieutenant Royal Garrison Artillery (T.)
Bailey, E. B. Lieutenant Royal Garrison Artillery Mentioned in despatches. Military Cross. Chevalier Legion of Honour. Croix-de-Guerre with Palm. Twice wounded.
Anderson, E. M. Sapper Royal Engineers Wounded.
Carruthers, R. G. Lance-corporal Tank Corps
Bromehead, C. E. N. Private Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry Wounded.
Cunnington, C. H. Lieutenant Machine Gun Corps Invalided out of Army, Oct. 1917. Died 26 April, 1918.
Richey, J. E. Captain Royal Engineers Military Cross. Wounded.
Eastwood, T. Lance-corporal Royal Army Medical Corps (Sanitary Section)
Pocock, R. W. Lieutenant Royal Garrison Artillery
King, W. B. R. Captain Royal Welsh Fusiliers (attached to Engineer-in-Chief, G.H.Q.) Mentioned in despatches. O.B.E.
Wray, D. A. Lance-corporal Royal Army Medical Corps (Sanitary Section)
Read, H. H. Corporal Royal Fusiliers
Whitehead, T. H. Captain Suffolk Regiment (transferred to General List and attached to Intelligence Corps) Wounded.
Evans, R. du B. Captain Shropshire Light Infantry Wounded. Prisonerof War
Assistant Clerk
Frisby, P. A. Captain Suffolk Yeomanry
Fossil Collectors
Eckford, R. J. A. Corporal Royal Scots and Royal Engineers (Special Brigade) Wounded.
Manson, W. Deck Hand Royal Naval Reserve (T.)
Haldane, D. Lieutenant Royal Scots
General Assistants
Rhodes, J. Corporal Royal Air Force
Stewart, A. P. Private Royal Scots
Morgan, S.W. Reg. Qrtr.- Mstr. Sgt. London Regiment (London Irish Rifles)
Cooper, G. L. Corporal Royal Engineers (Carrier Pigeon Service)
Hepple, D. W. Private 18th Hussars Wounded. Prisoner of War.
Torkington, G. G. Private Cameron Highlanders Wounded.
Bruce, W. G. Lance-Corporal Royal Engineers (Field Survey Battn.)
Trowbridge, H. G. S. Bombardier Royal Field Artillery
Kidd, J. Corporal Royal Engineers
Wheaton, E. Sergeant 3rd Hussars
Brooker, J. F. Corporal King's Own Scottish Borderers

Alphabetical list[edit]



Adams, Thomas

Allan, James Knox

Allen, Henry Attwool

Anderson, Ernest Masson

Anderson, Frederick William

Anderson, William

Andrews, George Edward

Aveline, William Talbot


Edward Battersby Bailey

Barrow, George

Bauerman, Hilary

Bennett, Francis James

Bennie, James

Best, Edward

Bishopp, Frederick Charles

Blake, John Hopwood

Blakely, John

Bone, Charles R.

Bosworth, Thomas Owen

Brewer, J.

Bristow, Henry William

Bromehead, Cyril Edward Nowill

Buchan, Stevenson

Burnett, George Alexander

Burns, David

Butler, Arthur James


Cadell, Henry Moubray

Cameron, Alan Charles Grant

Campbell, C.R.

Cantrill, Thomas Crosbee

Carroll, F. Maxwell

Carruthers, Robert George

Chatwin, Charles Panzetta

Clark, Richard

Clough, Charles Thomas

Colvin, Alexander

Cope, Fred Wolverston

Cotton, J.

Couper, William Hick

Craik, James

Crampton, Cecil Burleigh

Croll, James

Crook, Charles Victor

Crookall, Robert

Cruise, Richard Joseph

Cunningham-Craig, Edward Hubert

Cunnington, Cecil Henry

Curry, James


Dakyns, John Roche

Dalton, William Herbert

Davidson, Charles Findlay

Davies, William

Dawkins, William Boyd

De la Beche, Henry Thomas

De Rance, Charles Eugene

Dewey, Henry

Dick, Allan B.

Dines, Henry George

Dinham, Charles Hawker

Dix, Matthew

Dixon, Ernest Edward Leslie

Drew, Frederick

Du Noyer, George Victor

Duffin, W. L’Estrange

Dunham, Kingsley Charles


Eastwood, Tom

Edmunds, Francis Hereward

Edwards, Wilfrid Norman

Egan, Frederick William

Elliott, Eustace George William

Etheridge, Robert

Etheridge, Robert (Junior)

Evans, Ralph du Boulay

Eyles, Victor Ambrose


Flanagan, James

Flett, John Smith

Foot, Frederick James

Forbes, Edward

Forbes, James Grellier

Foster, Clement Le Neve

Fowler, Alexander

Fox-Strangways, Charles Edward

Frankland, Edward


Galvan, Charles

Gapper, J.C.

Garraway, Francis

Geikie, Archibald

Geikie, James

George, Thomas Neville

Gibbs, Richard

Gibson, Walcot

Goodchild, John George

Gould, Charles

Grabham, George Walter

Gray, Henry James

Green, Alexander Henry

Greenly, Edward

Gunn, William

Guppy, Eileen Mary


Hallett, G.

Haggard, J.

Hallimond, Arthur Francis

Haragan, J.

Hardman, Edward Townley

Harker, Alfred

Hatch, Frederick Henry

Hawkins, Charles Edward

Hay, John

Hebert, E.J.

Hendriks, Eileen Mary

Henfrey, Arthur

Henfrey, George

Hill, John Bastian

Hinxman, Lionel Wordsworth

Hockman, William Rolls

Hofmann, Augustus Wilhelm

Hollingworth, Sydney Ewart

Holloway, W.B.

Holmes, Stanley Charles Arthur

Holmes, Thomas Vincent

Hooker, Joseph Dalton

Horne, John

Hoskins, Pierce

Howe, John Allan

Howell, Henry Hyett

Hughes, Thomas McKenny

Hull, Edward

Hunt, Robert

Huxley, Thomas Henry

Hyland, John Shearson


Ibbetson, Levett Landon Boscawen

Irvine, Duncan Robertson


Jack, Robert Logan

James, Henry

James, Trevor Evans

Johnstone, Thomas Archibald

Jones, Owen Thomas

Jones, Robert Cyril Briscoe

Jordan, James B.

Jordan, Thomas B.

Judd, John Wesley

Jukes, Joseph Beete

Jukes-Browne, Alfred John


Kelly, John

Kennedy, John

Kennedy, William Quarrier

Kilroe, James Robinson

Kinahan, George Henry

King, William Bernard Robinson

Kitchin, Finlay Lorimer

Knox, John

Kynaston, Herbert


Lamplugh, George William

Lebour, George Alexander Louis

Lee, Gabriel Wharton

Leeson, E.

Leonard, Hugh

Leonard, William Benjamin

Lewis, Edward

Lightfoot, Ben

Lightfoot, G. Herbert

Linn, James

Lloyd, Wilfred

Logan, William Edmond

Loudon, T. Victor

Lucas, Joseph

Lunn, Robert


MacAlister, Donald Alexander

Macconochie, Arthur Francis

Macconochie, Arthur I.

Archibald Gordon MacGregor MC, CG (Belge), DSc, FRSE

Macgregor, Murray

Maden, James

Marsden, Frank

Maufe, Herbert Brantwood

McCoy, Frederick

McHenry, Alexander

McLintock, William Francis Porter

McVey, Henry Stobie

Meade, Richard

Medlicott, Henry Benedict

Medlicott, Joseph G.

Medlicott, Samuel

Miller, Hugh

Mitchell, George Hoole

Mitchell, William Fancourt

Mooney, Dennis

Morgan, Stephen William

Mourant, Arthur Ernest

Muir, John Malcolm

Murchison, R.M.

Murchison, Roderick Impey

Murray, Alexander


Newton, Edwin Tulley

Newton, Richard Bullen

Newton, T.W.

Noble, Arthur Henry

Nolan, Joseph


O’Kelly, Joseph

Oakley, Kenneth Page

O'Connor, Patrick Michael

Oldham, Thomas


Peach, Benjamin Neeve

Penning, William Henry

Penny, J.

Percy, John

Phemister, James

Phillips, John

Phillips, Richard

Plant Jane

Phillips, Richard

Pocock, Roy Woodhouse

Pocock, Theodore Innes

Pollard, William

Polwhele, Thomas Roxburgh

Pond, Samuel

Pringle, Alexander

Pringle, John

Pugh, T.J.G.

Pugh, William John


Ramsay, Andrew Crombie

Read, Herbert Harold

Reeks, Trenham

Rees, Josiah

Reid, Clement

Rhind, J.

Rhind, W.

Rhodes, John

Rhodes, John (photographer)

Richey, James Ernest

Robbie, James Andrew

Robertson, Thomas

Rose, William Colin Campbell

Ross, George

Rudler, Frederick William

Russell, Robert

Rutley, Frank


Salter, John William

Salter, Peter John

Scrivenor, John Brooke

Selwyn, Alfred Richard

Seymour, Henry Joseph

Sharman, George

Shelswell, John

Sherlock, Robert Lionel

Simmons, William Charles

Simpson, John Baird

Skae, Harriman Malcolm

Skertchly, Sydney Barber Josiah

Smith, Bernard

Smith, Denys Barker

Smyth, Warington Wilkinson

Sollas, William Johnson

Stephens, John Victor

George Gabriel Stokes

Stokes, R.S.

Strahan, Aubrey

Stubblefield, Cyril James

Symes, Richard Glascott


Taylor, James Haward

Teall, Jethro Justinian Harris

Thomas, Herbert Henry

Thomas, Ivor

Tiddeman, Richard Hill

Tonks, Laurance Henry

Tookey, Charles

Topley, William

Traill, William A.

Trench, Richard

Trimmer, Edward J.A.

Trimmer, Joshua

Trotter, Frederick Murray

Tyndall, John


Ussher, William Augustus Edmond


Walters, Hugh

Ward, James

Warren, James Lillie

Watts, William Whitehead

Wedd, Charles B.

Welch, Francis Brian Awburn

Whitaker, William

Whitehead, Talbot Haes

Wild, H.

Wilkinson, Sydney Berdoe Neal

Williams, David Hiram

Williams, Horace Walter Gilbert

Willis, Robert

Wills, Leonard Johnston

Willson, Walter Lindsay

Wilson, George Victor

Wilson, James Simpson Grant

Wollaston, G. Hyde

Woodland, Austin William

Woodward, Horace Bolingbroke

Wray, Disney Alexander

Wright, William Bourke

Wyley, Andrew

Wynne, Alfred H.

Wynne, Arthur Beavor


Young, John