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Professor Jane Anne Plant CBE FREng FRGS FRSA FRSE FRSM CEng CGeol FIMMM FAEG FGS (1945-2016).


1945 Born Jane Ann Lunn in Woodville, Derbyshire
Educated at Ashby Grammar School
1963 Went to Liverpool University to study geology
1967 Graduated with first class honours in geology and the prize for the best degree in her year
Joined the Institute of Geological Sciences Atomic Energy Division (now the British Geological Survey - BGS) Took a leading role developing the BGS Geochemical Baseline of the Environment (G-BASE) programme which which mapped the distribution of different chemical elements on the land surface
1977 PhD from Leicester University on "Regional Geochemical mapping in Great Britain with particular reference to sources of error"
1983 Special Merit Promation at BGS
1985 Received the Murchison Fund of the Geological Society
1988–89 During a sabbatical from BGS she was Vice President at Middleton Exploration
1995 Co-leadership of the International Geological Correlation Programme (IGCP) Project 360 – Global Geochemical Baselines
1997 Awarded CBE
1999-2005 Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution
2000 Wrote book 'Your Life in your Hands' about her experiences with cancer since 1897 and her firm beliefs of a link between cancer and diet. Further books followed.
2000 Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts
2000 Chair of Geochemistry,Imperial College
2001-2002 First woman President of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy
2002 became first female Chief Scientist at BGS
2005 Fellowship of the Royal Society of Medicine
2005 Left BGS to become Anglo-American Professor of Geochemistry at Imperial College
2016 Died at home, in Richmond upon Thames