Sand and gravel resources, Sheet 96W Portsoy, Cainozoic of north-east Scotland

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Merritt, J W, Auton, C A, Connell, E R, Hall, A M, and Peacock, J D. 2003. Cainozoic geology and landscape evolution of north-east Scotland. Memoir of the British Geological Survey, sheets 66E, 67, 76E, 77, 86E, 87W, 87E, 95, 96W, 96E and 97 (Scotland).

Contributors: J F Aitken, D F Ball, D Gould, J D Hansom, R Holmes, R M W Musson and M A Paul.

Sheet 96W Portsoy

Glacial and glaciofluvial features and the distribution of glacigenic deposits on Sheet 96W Portsoy. P915372.

Deposits of sand and gravel are less widespread in the Portsoy district (P915372). Notable resources are present within terraced glaciofluvial deposits in the valley of the Burn of Boyne and which extend across the interfluve to reach the Burn of Durn south of Portsoy. Less extensive terraced deposits occur in the valley of the Burn of Durn, upstream of Damheads (NJ 580 635) where they have been worked in a pit near Butterytack (NJ 568 613).

Much of the town of Cullen is built on sandy glaciofluvial deposits, which were formerly worked at Gallows Hill (NJ 513 664). Potentially workable deposits of sand may occur beneath silts and clays in the valley of the Burn of Cullen, but they would lie close to, or below, the water table. Other resources include the well-rounded cobble gravels forming moundy topography along the coast, inland of Whyntie Head (NJ 630 660), and sands that underlie rounded hillocks in the vicinity of Home Farm (NJ 500 661), on the western side of the valley of the Burn of Cullen. Extensive, high quality resources may occur within the glaciofluvial sheet and ice-contact deposits, in the vicinity of Headtown (NJ 612 583). These ice-contact deposits extend beyond the southern margin of Sheet 96W, where they are seen to be predominantly composed of fine- to medium-grained sand.


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