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  • ...ed in enclosed basins, marginal lagoons or playa lakes. At the base of the Zechstein Group is a thin bituminous dolostone (Marl Slate Formation) with an unusual miner ...ions (P2; formerly Lower and Upper Magnesian Limestone and now part of the Zechstein Group; '''Plate P222612''') are predominantly shelf carbonates, and there is ampl
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  • ...urham: the Yellow Sands Formation of the Rotliegendes Group is overlain by Zechstein Group Magnesian Limestone. P548172.]] [[Image:P221294.jpg|thumb|left|200px|Permian concretionary limestone of the Zechstein Group forming sea cliffs at Blackhall Rocks, near Hartlepool. [http://geoscenic.b
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  • ...n Group, Great and Inferior Oolite Groups, Lias, Sherwood Sandstone Group, Zechstein Group, Coal Measures, Dinantian Limestone, Devonian. The total aquifer depth will
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  • * Zechstein Group dolomites; less soluble than pure limestones so karstic features are less-
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  • ==== East of the Pennines: the Zechstein Group ====
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  • The Zechstein Group contains good aquifers with hydraulic continuity despite the presence of im
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  • ...l subvertical karstic fissures within the limestones and dolostones of the Zechstein Group that form cliffs along the coast of County Durham. The fissures are general ...It rests on a bevelled platform cut into limestones and dolostones of the Zechstein Group at about 30 m above sea level. Twelve temperate genera of marine mollu
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  • ...lacustrine mudstone of the Silverpit Formation and a thick Upper Permian (Zechstein Group) evaporite succession. In this report, the model is referred to as the <now
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  • ...clude the limestones of the Corallian, the Great and Inferior Oolites, the Zechstein Group (Magnesian Limestone) and the Carboniferous, and the sandstones of the Pala
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  • | Zechstein Group&nbsp;—&nbsp;<br>Dolotimised limestone and dolomite ===Zechstein Group – Dolomitised limestone and dolomite===
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  • ...present stability problems. The dolomitic rocks which comprise much of the Zechstein Group are much less soluble than ordinary limestone, so dissolution is not widesp in linear belts. Numerous examples have recently been identified on the Zechstein Group outcrop above the concealed portion of the Durham Coalfield, though the phe
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  • ...ying mudstones of the Silverpit Formation and later, the thick sequence of Zechstein Group halite which include interbedded mudstone and anhydrite. ...some faults exceeds 200&nbsp;m; however, none penetrate to the top of the Zechstein Group (Heinrich, 1991<ref name="henrich"></ref>).
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  • | Zechstein Group&nbsp;—&nbsp;Dolotimised limestone and dolomite '''Zechstein Group'''<br>
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  • ...o see this in the sections due to its thinness). Over most of the area the Zechstein Group overlies this unit (<150 m thick), although it is thinner and sometimes abs Overlying the Permian Basal Breccia is the Zechstein Group (described as Permian Marls in the borehole logs), which has a fairly unifo
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  • ...eys of the rivers Tyne and Wear, west of the escarpment formed by Permian (Zechstein Group) carbonate rocks. The largest was ‘Glacial Lake Wear’, which stood at s ...ream valleys (denes) reveal isolated hollows in the carbonate rocks of the Zechstein Group that are filled with cemented gravel and sand beneath the lower of the two
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  • ...Cumbria between 9.5 and 8.7&nbsp;ka BP, and then became established on the Zechstein Group limestone outcrop in County Durham. The arrival of alder at about 7.8&nbsp;
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  • ...on weathers to a very weak condition or even to loose sand. The succeeding Zechstein Group is highly variable. The weak mudstones weather to a firm to stiff clay; dol
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  • Carbonate rocks comprise most of the Permian Zechstein Group in eastern County Durham. Much of the sequence is dolomitic and has been tr
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  • ...Group (limestone), Great and Inferior Oolite groups, Triassic sandstones, Zechstein Group, Permian sandstone, Carboniferous limestone, and Border Group (Fell Sandsto ...e from a range of formations, but primarily the Chalk, Sherwood Sandstone, Zechstein Group, Coal Measures, Millstone Grit and Carboniferous Limestone (Table 3.6). Whe
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  • | Zechstein Group (Magnesian Limestone) | Zechstein Group
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  • | Zechstein Group dolomite, Dinantian limestone, Durness Group | All Palaeozoic (except Zechstein Group dolomites and Permian mudstones), igneous and metamorphic rocks
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  • ...n and overlying Upper Permian tight carbonates and thick evaporites of the Zechstein Group provide an excellent topseal to gas accumulations in uppermost Carboniferou ...nue upwards through the overlying Lower Permian strata to terminate in the Zechstein Group evaporites are segregated by colour from remaining faults truncated by the
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  • Approaches Basin consist of the Upper Permian evaporite deposits of the Zechstein Group. The most significant evaporite formations are the Shearwater Salt Formatio
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  • ...ter|500px| '''Figure A3.3'''&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;TDS and depth for the Zechstein Group (blue dots) and all formations combined (grey dots), from Geothermal Catalo
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