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  • The Arden Sandstone Formation (AS) was previously mapped as discontinuous in places. More recent work (e. ...tstone Formation outcrop to the map face, amendments to the outcrop of the Arden Sandstone Formation (Figure 12) and superficial deposits, and some new faulting. This new linew
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  • ...y Siltstone and Sneinton formations, are probably water-laid deposits. The Arden Sandstone Formation ('''Plate P212583''') is a varicoloured (green, brown, purplish) horizon th Image:P212583.jpg|The Arden Sandstone Formation at the type section at Shrewley Canal cutting, Warwickshire. [http://geosce
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  • | Arden Sandstone Formation ...ia Mudstone Group (MMG-MDST) was not subdivided, with the exception of the Arden Sandstone Formation (AS-SDSM), and locally thin siltstone beds or ‘skerries’ are not distin
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  • ...Group (MMG) formations are not modelled, nor are the mudstone units in the Arden Sandstone Formation. Additionally, the lithological variation mapped in DiGMap50k has not been
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