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  • ...formation lies in the lower part of the Lower Old Red Sandstone Group, '''Old Red Sandstone Supergroup''', and younger Devonian-age Old Red Sandstone strata are inferred to be pr
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  • [[OR/15/026 Old Red Sandstone Supergroup |Old Red Sandstone Supergroup]] section describes the Devonian Old Red Sandstone outliers, now preserved
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  • Rocks of Devonian age that form a small part of the Old Red Sandstone Supergroup crop out in the Turriff Outlier and in the Rhynie and Bogie outliers in Str ...uplift that marked the last phase of the Caledonian Orogeny. The resulting Old Red Sandstone Supergroup rocks in north-east Scotland formed in small restricted basins whose sedime
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  • ...own sandy lodgement tills derived from sandstones and conglomerates of the Old Red Sandstone Supergroup cropping out to the west (Peacock et al., 1968; Aitken et al., 1979). Howev ...andesitic volcanic rocks, red sandstones, siltstones and mudstones of the Old Red Sandstone Supergroup cropping out in Strathmore. Unlike the Logie-Buchan Drift Group described a
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  • ...d in topographically depressed areas around the mountains and now form the Old Red Sandstone Supergroup. These sedimentary rocks are of Devonian age and consist mainly of beds of
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  • ...reflects the bedrock geology over which the glacier has flowed, namely the Old Red Sandstone Supergroup, the Marros Group, and Pennant Sandstone Formation. These rock units lithol
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  • ===Old Red Sandstone Supergroup=== ...ently, sedimentary rocks belonging to the late Silurian to Middle Devonian Old Red Sandstone Supergroup were deposited in fault-bounded, continental basins under tropical semi-des
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  • | Old Red Sandstone Supergroup, Coal Measures Group, Millstone Grit Group, granite, Lewisian complex
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