Talk:Geological dioramas at the Museum of Practical Geology, South Kensington, from 1932 - rescuing "a dull, even repellent, subject"

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Bob to check with Andrew Morrison for Postcard images in MN series c MN500 - MN525. Any other non-postcard photos. Meaning of 'MNL'. Maybe Postcard and Diorama label images.

Bob to obtain the two McLintock Museum journal papers.

Require images (without IPR issues) for:

1. Early man in Thames Valley

7. Portland Stone Quarry

15. Alaskan Glacier

16. An Ancient English Desert

20. Idealised landscape of the Wealden period

21. The Kuwait Oilfields

23. Cumbrian colliery

Image management

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Main list

Diorama no. Diorama Christina image Jane List NHM Jane List Postcard ListedPostcard
1 Early man in Thames Valley - Vernon Edwards MN2613 MN530 MN2613
2 The oilfield of Masjid l Sulaiman, SW Iran - Montague B Black MN2773 MN526;MN509 MN509
3 Chalk and clay for Portland cement - R T Roussel MN2769 MN2769 MN504 MN504
4 A Cornish China Clay Quarry - Herbert H Cawood MN2770 MN2770 MN505 MN505
5 Ironstone Quarry, Corby, Northants - Herbert H Cawood MN2767 MN2767 MN503 MN503
6 Penrhyn Slate Quarry, North Wales - Montague B Black MN2766 MN 2766 MN500 MN500
7 Portland Stone Quarry - R T Roussel MN2611 MN506 MN506
8 Edinburgh from the Braid Hills - Herbert H Cawood MN2768 MN2768 MN514 MN514
9 Vesuvius in Eruption - Montague B Black MN2771 MN2771;MN2772 MN507;MN508 MN507
10 Cheddar Caves, Somerset - Montague B Black MN2764 MN2763;MN2764 MN515;MN516 MN515;MN516
11 North West Highlands of Scotland - Herbert H Cawood MN2781 MN 2781 MN502 MN502
12 Avon Gorge - R T Roussel MN2612 MN2612 MN529 MN2612
13 The Needles and Alum Bay - Herbert K Rooke MN3774 MN3774 MN501 MN501
14 Lulworth Cove and Stair Hole - Herbert K Rooke MN2765 MN2765 MN513 MN513
15 Alaskan Glacier - R T Roussel MN2774 MN527
16 An Ancient English Desert - E M Wilson MN2775 MN528
17 Lakeland Scenery - R T Roussel MNL525/11628 MN3346 MN3346 MN525 MN525
18 The Island of Staffa - R T Roussel MN2990 MN2990 MN522
19 The formation of coal - R T Roussel MN2966 MN2966 MN519 MN519
20 Idealised landscape of the Wealden period – MNL460 MN460
21 The Kuwait Oilfields, by Montague Black.
22 Lake Store gold mine BGS negative MN3076, dated 19 Jan 1937 MN3076 MN3076;MN3114 MN253;MN524 MN253;MN524
23 Cumbrian colliery MN11634? MNL533 MNL533
24 Diorama of Haig Pit by (Montague Black?) MN6874

Natural History Museum Teaching Collection - Held at BGS KW - 35mm colour transparencies??

537230 P950353 Diorama of the chalk sea environment. B.B.M.
537141 P950264 Formation of Coal, Diorama.
537140 P950263 Formation of Coal, Diorama.
537131 P950254 Diorama: Early Man in Thames Valley. (MN/C26131).
537130 P950253 Diorama: Early Man in Thames Valley. (MN/C26131).
537074 P950197 The formation of Coal diorama. Presented by Flatter & Garnett - of Manchester.
537073 P950196 Kuwait Oilfield Diorama.
537053 P950176 Lulworth and Portland Diorama.
537051 P950174 Lulworth Diorama.
537007 P950130 Staffa Island Diorama.
536994 P950117 Coal Measure Forest Diorama.