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Bob to obtain the two McLintock Museum journal papers.
Bob to obtain the two McLintock Museum journal papers.
== Image management ==
== Image management ==

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Bob to check with Andrew Morrison for Postcard images in MN series c MN500 - MN525. Any other non-postcard photos.

Bob to obtain the two McLintock Museum journal papers.

Image management

Diorama no. Diorama Christina image Jane List NHM Jane List Postcard ListedPostcard
1 Early man in Thames Valley - Vernon Edwards MN2613 MN530 MN2613
2 The oilfield of Masjid l Sulaiman, SW Iran - Montague B Black MN2773 MN526;MN509 MN509
3 Chalk and clay for Portland cement - R T Roussel MN2769 MN2769 MN504 MN504
4 A Cornish China Clay Quarry - Herbert H Cawood MN2770 MN2770 MN505 MN505
5 Ironstone Quarry, Corby, Northants - Herbert H Cawood MN2767 MN2767 MN503 MN503
6 Penrhyn Slate Quarry, North Wales - Montague B Black MN2766 MN 2766 MN500 MN500
7 Portland Stone Quarry - R T Roussel MN2611 MN506 MN506
8 Edinburgh from the Braid Hills - Herbert H Cawood MN2768 MN2768 MN514 MN514
9 Vesuvius in Eruption - Montague B Black MN2771 MN2771;MN2772 MN507;MN508 MN507
10 Cheddar Caves, Somerset - Montague B Black MN2764 MN2763;MN2764 MN515;MN516 MN515;MN516
11 North West Highlands of Scotland - Herbert H Cawood MN2781 MN 2781 MN502 MN502
12 Avon Gorge - R T Roussel MN2612 MN2612 MN529 MN2612
13 The Needles and Alum Bay - Herbert K Rooke MN3774 MN3774 MN501 MN501
14 Lulworth Cove and Stair Hole - Herbert K Rooke MN2765 MN2765 MN513 MN513
15 Alaskan Glacier - R T Roussel MN2774 MN527
16 An Ancient English Desert - E M Wilson MN2775 MN528
17 Lakeland Scenery - R T Roussel MNL525/11628 MN3346 MN3346 MN525 MN525
18 The Island of Staffa - R T Roussel MN2990 MN2990 MN522
19 The formation of coal - R T Roussel MN2966 MN2966 MN519 MN519
20 Idealised landscape of the Wealden period – MNL460 MN460
21 The Kuwait Oilfields, by Montague Black.
22 Lake Store gold mine BGS negative MN3076, dated 19 Jan 1937 MN3076 MN3076;MN3114 MN253;MN524 MN253;MN524
23 Cumbrian colliery MN11634? MNL533 MNL533
24 Diorama of Haig Pit by (Montague Black?) MN6874