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Open the wiki page and the Album viewer in adjacent windows

The task is to replace the existing text 'GA013' with the full link to the specific page for the listed item.

A number of entries have already been done to show what is expected. Note that the Page number links are repeated several times - this is because there are frequently multiple images on an album page, the first six rows are all "Page 5".

To add new entries:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the examples already done.
  2. Have two browser windows open, one to look at the Album and the second to Edit the Index page.
  3. In the index, go into edit mode and go down to the next line of input - the line will start: "| GA013 ||" Read the description, and go to the other browser window and find the page the image is on in the album
  4. Note the Page number - It says something like Page 6 of 96.
  5. Click the link button and copy the link
  6. In the edit window replace the "GA013" with the link
  7. At the end of the link add a space and the page number and enclose the whole in brackets the complete link should look like exactly like the previous entries but a different P number
  8. Save the page
  9. Go ontop the next entry, remembering the code will be the same for multiple images on a page, so you can just copy/paste the code.

An alternative way, is just copy the previous link and replace a. The P number b. the page number - this in some ways is a lot simpler to do.