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'''Page 28'''  Started [User: jenbenmather]
'''Page 28'''  Started [User: jenbenmather]
a tricky signatures
[Illegible] N [xx]ing [Signature] near base of page on right
'''Page 29'''  Started [User: jenbenmather]
Two difficult signatures
Charles Sherborn [?] [Signature]
Yours faithfully [ J L?]  Wills [Signature]
'''Page 30''' Started  [User: jenbenmather]
Some illegible
Yours sincerely  C J Grist [tricky, guess from members list]
I began to think not hearing from you to  [?] you had given up [?] as well as [?]  [?] Allan... [?] [Signature]
[?] Revd [?] Moir [?] [Signature]
Yours sincerely Chas. [?] ..rriat [?] [Signature]
'''Page 31'''  Started [User: jenbenmather]
You may wish to check how I've listed these cartoon Christmas cards!
'''Page 32'''  Started [User: jenbenmather]
Tricky signatures plus Arthur Holmes, which is nice!
Yours truly W John [?] Bryant (of Manorbier] [Signature]
Yours faithfully J [T?] Brown [Signature]
'''Page 33'''  Started [User: jenbenmather]
Tricky signatures
T Sheppard [? J S something? Shipp...? Shipman? ] [Signature]
Yours sincerely Robert [Mond? from members list]
'''Page 34'''  Started [User: jenbenmather] completed
'''Page 35'''  Started [User: jenbenmather]
Can't make out Lord whatnot's name Amesbury? Avebury?
'''Page 36''' Started [User: jenbenmather] Completed
'''Page 37''' Started [User: jenbenmather]
'''Page 38''' Started [User: jenbenmather]
Two tricky signatures
I am yours faithfully Ed [? difficult to read.] [Signature]
P [?] [S a guess] 2/11/03 [Signature]
'''Page 39''' Started [User: jenbenmather]
Two tricky signatures
Yrs sincerely B Stracey [Signature] [?]
Yours sincerely [?] [Mrs K...?] [Signature]
'''Page 40''' Started [User: jenbenmather]
S H Reynolds [?] [Signature]
Italy 1965. Via St. Maria in Portico. Naples. Left to right. Mr Lees, Dr Dollar, Mr Smith, Mr Jones, Dr A Lamont. Mr Hollis. P Russel photo. [note on page] [ doesn't seem to have relevance to anything else on page, or to facing page]
Happy for further advice on how to link these trips!
'''Page 41''' Started [User: jenbenmather] Completed
'''Page 42''' Started [User: jenbenmather]
Difficult signature Faithfully yours Thos. D Learer [?] [Signature]
Plus - we have Ernest Shackleton's signature here!
'''Page 43''' Started [User: jenbenmather]
Three difficult signatures:
2 March [note apologising for missing Shooters Hill trip] Arthur [?] Sharpe [?] [Signature]
Yours very truly Donald G Mac[?] [Signature]
Sincerely M[?] [Signature] [illegible]
'''Page 44''' Started [User: jenbenmather]

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