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No, full transcriptions of the letters are NOT required. Just sender, receiver, what about and date you could always
regarding letter pages being on separate page images: put the details of page numbers:
19 August 1900 W Whitaker in Keswick to Miss Johnston [Letter] [Page 1]
19 August 1900 W Whitaker in Keswick to Miss Johnston [Letter] [Page 4]
19 August 1900 W Whitaker in Keswick to Miss Johnston [Letter] [Page 2-3]
as to the occurrence of the photo - something like: W Whitaker [Photograph] [As page 7]
No real hard and fast rules - just what is logical ...
I think we can say its Whitaker rather than Whitaker (?)
If there is anything that ties an item (e.g. letters) to a particular GA field trip - that will be important info as we will be having 'GA field trip Earthwise pages further down the line.

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Yours sincerely Alfred C Young ? [Signature] Check Obit list done

Yours truly H H Wincome ? [Signature] Check Obit list done

Believe me with regards Yours sincerely W ? Swinnell? [Signature] Could be W F Gwinnelldone

Kind regards from Yours sincerely Ethel J ? Skeat [Signature] Check Obit list not there but signature is very similar to Ethel G Woods - same person, maiden name Obit in PGA

John T Kemp ? [Signature]Check Obit listdone

J T K ? [Signature] Check Obit list looking again, I think this is the same John T Kemp as above

Yrs very truly Henry Kidner ? [Signature] Check Obit list done

xxxxx? Yours faithfully W Henry Barnes [Signature]

in Sweden. Kindest regards from Yours very sincerely Ethel J Woods [Signature] Check Obit list done

With kind regards Yrs faithfully F W Bennett ? [Signature] Check Obit list done

Page 11 - [User:jenbenmather] completed

Some signatures are tricky - I have checked the Obit list

Tried Lowe, Loewe - Yes, Lowe found references to him elsewhere

Tried Head, Read, Slead - Confirmed, "Head" in membership list

Chas ? Pratt middle initial. The signature doesn't look much like the Charles Pratt American oilman Jonathan provided Rev Charles Tiplady Pratt (1839-1921) and has some biog. info which he will add

Page 12 - [User:jenbenmather] started All good wishes, sincerely yours [? can't read] [Signature] difficult one!

Eva Whitley, Rachel Workman, Russell [?] Gwinnell, Lieutenant Coke [?] difficult one!, Miss Davies [List of names] [may refer to photograph or field trip participants in photograph below agree]

Frederick Meeson, Roger Meeson Sept 7th 19[rest of date hidden by fold on page] [Signatures] I'll get Andrew Morrison the BGS Archivist to check this out when the KW site reopens

Page 13 - [User:jenbenmather] - started I think the signatures and three other names must relate to the group photograph - might there be a photo elsewhere that it links to? Best bet would be the signatures and the additional names relate to the 1906 Easter trip on the same page. They are probably members who attended but for which there wasn't a signature

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Page 17 - started [User: jenbenmather] Two difficult signatures

With kind regards and yours sincerely R W H[cannot make out] [Signature]  and Yours sincerely A W Wilson [? Difficult to read][Signature] Have tried membership lists and obits. Both difficult - the second one could be A H  not A W

Page 18 -started [User:jenbenmather] Two difficult signatures -I J T Bindon [?] and V E D Garach[??] Have checked members list, obituary and field trip report

Page 19 - started [User: jenbenmather] - completed

Page 20 -started [User: jenbenmather] One difficult signature - can't relate it easily to any of the names in the press cutting