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[[File:GSG_GLA_FIG_00_05.jpg|thumbnail|Figure 0.5. The disposition of plates and the tectonic environments associated with them.]]
[[File:GSG_GLA_FIG_00_06.jpg|thumbnail|Figure 0.6. A, The detailed structural elements of a destructive margin, along with the spatial and vertical scales.]]
[[File:GSG_GLA_FIG_00_07.jpg|thumbnail|Figure 0.7. A map of the Palaeozoic tectono-stratigraphic blocks within Scotland.]]
[[File:GSG_GLA_FIG_00_08.jpg|thumbnail|Figure 0.8. Cross sections through Scotland.]]
[[File:GSG_GLA_FIG_00_09.jpg|thumbnail|Figure 0.9. A general view of the dispositions of the landmasses of the North Atlantic during the Palaeozoic.]]
[[File:GSG_GLA_FIG_00_10.jpg|thumbnail|Figure 0.10. Diagram illustrating the origin of the Ballagan beds, and showing how the limestone-shale, sandstone and caliche can all be integrated into one environment of deposition.]]
[[File:GSG_GLA_FIG_00_11.jpg|thumbnail|Figure 0.11. Showing the evolution of the main tectonic elements, Highland Border Complex, (NBC); Midland Valley (MV) and the Southern Uplands (SU) through time.]]
By B.J.Bluck
By B.J.Bluck

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