Thin section colouring book

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Thin Section Colouring Book

By Jane Robb

This Thin Section Colouring Book is for any amateur geologist or student wishing to be inspired by the beautiful world of geological thin sections, or wanting to brush up on their optical microscopy! Even if you don't know much about thin sections, use this book to get to grips with some of the basic, and enjoy colouring in the hand-drawn images.

The book was drawn and written by Jane Robb, using thin section images from BGS Britrocks.

Jane will be uploading the book page by page until it is complete. You will be able to find the most up to date version in this shared Google Drive, and the front page as a teaser below. Happy colouring!

alt text

If you are a young geologist looking for other free resources for download to inspire you, check out Rocks in Your Eyes, also by Jane Robb.