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Thomas Crosbee Cantrill—signature. BGS Image P810122


Date Details
1871 Resigned from Survey.
1867 Born November 20th at Handsworth, Birmingham. Educated at King Edward VI Grammar School, Stourbridge, and Mason College, Birmingham. Studied geology under Professor Charles Lapworth.
1891 Graduated (1st).
1895 Heslop Gold Medal for research on structure of Forest of Wyre Coalfield (carried out during period of scholastic work).
1896 Joined Geological Survey. (Geologist 1901; D.G. 1914.) For 14 years engaged in mapping and description of South Wales Coalfield.
1907 F.G.S. Awarded Lyell Fund.
1910 Tranferred from South Wales to the Midlands (Lichfield).
1914-1918 Special reports on Mineral Resources.
1919 Resumed normal work in North Wales Borderland and Midlands.
1921-1923 Served on Council of Geological Society.
1927 Retired in November to Worcestershire. Devoted leisure to study of local archaeology – results published in Archaeologia Cambrensis etc.
1931 Died April 3rd at Kidderminster.

Biographies and obituaries[edit]

Garwood, E.J. Obituary - Thomas Crosbee Cantrill, born 1867, died 1931. [In Anniversary Address.]. Proceedings of the Geological Society in Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society. v. 88 p.lxxix-lxxx. 1932

Obituary - Thomas Crosbee Cantrill, B.Sc., F.G.S. (20.11.1867-1931). Geologists Magazine. Whole Series. v. 68 p.237-238. 1931

Mr. T. C. Cantrill. Nature 127, 674–675 (1931).

[Typescript obituaries with the manuscript - one by Flett.]


Date Details
1920 Contributed notes to: Special Reports. Mineral Resources vol. VIII. Iron Ores (1920).
"Contributed notes to: "South Wales Coalfield", Part V."
"Contributed notes to: "South Wales Coalfield", Part VI."
"Contributed notes to: "South Wales Coalfield", Part IX."
"Contributed notes to: "South Wales Coalfield", Part X."
"Contributed notes to: "South Wales Coalfield", Part XI."
"Contributed notes to: "South Wales Coalfield", Part IV."
"Contributed notes to: "South Wales Coalfield", Parts II."
"Contributed notes to: "South Wales Coalfield", Part XII."
1924 "Contributed notes to: "Flint" (1924)."
1919 "Contributed notes to: "Lichfield" (1919)."
1923 "Contributed notes to: "Coventry" (1923)."
Unofficial publications:
Unofficial publications: Handbook on coal mining.
Geological chapters to Victoria Histories of Shropshire and Warwickshire, and various papers.

BGS archives[edit]

Title Thomas Crosbee Cantrill
Description Joined the Survey in 1896. He became District Geologist in 1914 and spent 14 years mapping the South Wales Coalfield. In 1910 he moved to the Midlands and between 1914 -1918 produced a number of special reports on mineral resources.
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