Tom Eastwood

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Date Details
1888 Born
1911 Geologist
1922 Senior Geologist
1930 District Geologist

Biographies and obituaries

[Anon.] Obituary - Tom Eastwood. ( - 28.3.1970). Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society v. 38 (2) 1971.

[Anon.] Obituary - Tom Eastwood. Born in 1889, died 28th March 1970. Proceedings of the Geologists' Asociation v. 82 (1) 1971.

Tom Eastwood strikes coal [Video]


BGS archives

Ref No Title Description
GSM/GL/Bn/2 Correspondence with T.Eastwood and others
GSM/GL/De H.Dewey Dewey joined the Survey in 1903. He became District Geologist in 1920 and was promoted to...
GSM/GL/Di/4 Correspondence with other geologists: letters to E.C.Bullard, W.Dewar, C.H.Dinham, T.Eastwood, F...
GSM/GL/Wt/2 Correspondence: letters to T.Eastwood, J.S.Flett, E.M.Guppy, G.H.Mitchell, J.Pringle, C.J...
GSM/GL/Wy/1 Correspondence; letters to Chatwin, Eastwood, Kitchin and B.Smith