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David Stephenson BSc PhD. Joined Institute of Geological Sciences in 1976. Based at IGS/BGS Edinburgh 1979-2011. Honorary Research Associate 2011-2015. Now fully retired. Fieldwork mainly in west-central Scotland and NE Grampian Highlands. Supervised and edited products of university contracts in Inner Hebrides and Shetland. Joint author of British Regional Geology volumes ‘Midland Valley of Scotland’ (1985) and ‘Grampian Highlands’ (1995); contributor and editor of ‘Palaeogene Volcanic Districts of Scotland’ volume (2005). Compiler and editor of Geological Conservation Review volumes ‘Caledonian Igneous Rocks of Great Britain’ (1999), ‘Carboniferous and Permian Igneous Rocks of Great Britain’ (2003) and ‘Dalradian Rocks of Scotland’ (2013). Joint author of Landscape Fashioned by Geology booklets ‘Skye’ (1993), ‘Mull and Iona’ (2005), ‘Ben Nevis and Glencoe’ (2007) and ‘Argyll and the Islands’ (2010). Editor of Scottish Journal of Geology 1990-1996. Publications Secretary of Edinburgh Geological Society 2013-2019. Leader of field excursions for e.g. Edinburgh Geological Society, Geological Society of Glasgow, Highland Geological Society, Open University Geological Society and other organisations.