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Bob McIntosh, Information Manager at the British Geological Survey in Edinburgh. Work interests focus on major digitization and image capture programmes leading to web delivery and also on the history of the British Geological Survey and its documentary and material collections. Major collections released recently include 215,000 thin section images on Britrocks, 600,000 Magnetogramimages, the BGS Maps Portal the Pioneers of the British Geological Survey, a web resource of biographical information of historical former members of staff of the Survey.

Also managing the set-up of the Edinburgh Geological Society 'Collaborative Project' for the EGS, Glasgow Geological Society, and Yorkshire Geological Society. This work is done in a personal capacity and not on behalf of BGS.

Working with the Geologists' Association developing their Carreck Archive pages Geologists' Association

Wind sculpturing(?)in sand. Nr. Compton Chine. I.W. Taken by Elsie Giles 19 April 1923

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