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Date_Text Comment
1868 Joined Survey 1st April.
1869 Resigned 22nd April.
1854 Born November 14th.
1875 Joined Survey as Temporary Fossil Collector.
1882 Assistant Naturalist.
1898 Assistant Curator of Fossils.
1901 Geologist.
1919 Retired.
1934 Died.
1877 Born August 9th.
1903 Joined Survey as Geologist (Senior Geologist 1922).
1928 Retired (ill-health).
1822 Born.
1840 Appointed, Assistant Geologist under De la Beche.
Worked for a short time in Somerset on the Mendip Hills, then transferred to South Wales and surveyed parts of Pembroke.
Worked through other countries into North Wales, across borders to parts of West of England and into Midlands as far as Nottingham.
1867 Appointed District Surveyor in charge of mapping of Lake District. Lived at Kendal till retirement.
1882 Retired.
1894 Murchison Medal.
1903 Died May 12th. [Copy of newspaper death notice with manuscript.]
1903 Geol. Mag. 1903 p. 285.
1903 Newspaper death notice attached to ms.
1881 Born July 1st at Kendal. Educated at Kendal Grammar School and at Clare College, Cambridge. (1st in Nat. Science & Physics.)
1902 Joined Geological Survey (Scotland). D.G. 1919.
1929 Survey Service terminated 24/12/29.
1929 Appointed to Chair of Geology at Glasgow in succession to J.W. Gregory. Elected Professor 12/12/29. Term began 1/1/30, lectures 6/1/30.
1930 F.R.S.
Glasgow Herald 25/2/30.
1819 Born July 7th at Bristol.
1837 - 44 Assistant Curator at Bristol Museum.
1844 Joined Geological Survey as draughtsman.
1845 Appointed Assistant Geologist. Duties confined to museum work.
1854 Appointed Assistant Naturalist under Edward Forbes, later under Huxley.
1857 Transferred to Irish Survey, as Acting Palaeontologist. (Post retained till 1888.)
1868 Additional appointment - Demonstrator in Palaeontology to Royal College of Science for Ireland.
1867 Wollaston Fund from Geol. Soc.
1888 Died Aug 6th near Dublin.
1888 Chief work - description and drawing of fossils, palaeontological. Notes in Irish Memoirs, papers on palaeontological and kindred subjects, 1867-75 “Figures of Characteristic British Fossils”.
Geol. Mag. 1888, p. 431, 576
Nature Aug 23. 1888, p. 396
1853 Born December 11th in London.
Educated at the Philological School conducted by Dr. Abbott. Turner Scholarship. Matriculated at 15. Elected Associate of King’s College.
1871 Became Private Secretary to Poulett Scrope. Recommended by him to Ramsay, then Director of Survey.
1876 Poulett Scrope died, and Barrow invited to fill vacancy on Survey staff.
1896 Geologist. First worked in E. Yorkshire; made important contributions to literature of Mesozoic rocks.
Through association with Allan Dick became interested in igneous and metamorphic rocks.
Worked at igneous and structural problems in the Eastern Highlands; the first to recognise and map zones of progressive metamorphism. Paper: “On an Intrusion of Muscovite - Biotite - Gneiss...” and others.
1900 Returned to England. Worked in the Cheadle and North Staffordshire Coalfield and later in the granitic and mining areas of Devon and Cornwall.
1909 District Geologist for London. Particularly interested in water-supply and in the construction and maintenance of tube railways.
1912 Bolitho Medal from Geological Society of Cornwall.
1913 Murchison Medal.
1915 Retired from Survey.
1932 Died July 23rd.
Q.J.G.S. 1933 P. LXXXVII
1833 Born.
1851 Entered Royal School of Mines. Studied under Playfair, Ramsay, Forbes, Warington Smyth, Hunt and Percy.
1853 Went to Freiberg Mining Academy for 3 years.
1855 Returned to England. Joined Geological Survey as Assistant Geologist 15th October.
1858 Resigned 31st. March. Appointed to Boundary Commission of N. America. 6 years survey work in Canada and US.
1863 F.G.S. (Served on Council 1874 - 98. Vice-President.)
1863-88 Government and professional works - mining and metallurgical surveys - explorations abroad.
1872 Sent to report on iron in India (Mem. on Indian Surveys. C.R. Monkham, 1878, p. 224).
1883 Appointed lecturer on metallurgy at Firth College, Sheffield.
1886 Appointed Professor of Metallurgy to the Ordnance College, Woolwich.
1890 Retired.
1909 Died December 5th.
Examiner to Civil Service Commissioners for appt. of Mine Inspectors.
Sci. and Art Department and B.Ed. in mining and metallurgy.
Roy. School of Mines and Camborne Sch. Mines.
Hon. Member of Chem. Soc., Metall. Soc., Inst of Mining and Metall., Iron and Steel. Inst. Assoc. Member of Inst of Civil Eng., and Royal Sch. Mines. F.G.S.
Awards: Howard Prize 1897 (Inst. Civ. Eng). Gold Medal 1906 (Inst of Mining and Metall).
Geol. Mag. 1910, p. 46
1845 Born January 21st.
1868 Joined Survey 1st April.
1899 Retired 31st March.
1907 “Ightham: The Story of a Kentish Village and its surroundings.”
Hist. Geol. Soc. 1907 p. 213
1821 Born September 23rd.
Employed in paper factory. Leisure hours devoted to study of glacial, interglacial and post-glacial deposits of west of Scotland (also collected Carboniferous fossils).
1867 Results communicated to Dr Croll and published in Trans. Glasgow. Geol. Soc.
1869 Joined Survey as Fossil Collector (Scotland). Special knowledge of Carboniferous fossils of Central Scotland discovered many new forms - first to record Holothusians in Scottish Carboniferous, and arctic plants in silt of former lakes in Boulder Clay.
1899 Murchison Fund.
1901 Died January 28th.
Geol. Mag 1901.. 143
Hist. Geol. Soc. Glasgow 1908, p. 207
1824 Born December 20th.
1855 Joined Geological Survey.
1862 Promoted to Geologist.
Resident in Jermyn St. 38 years.
1893 Retired.
1906 Died November 8th.
Geol. Magazine 1907, p. 140
1862 Joined Survey 26th August.
(Assistant Surveyor. Assoc. Royal School Mines) (Annual Report for 1863 p. 196.)
1863 Died 4th August.
1843 Born July 22nd in London.
Educated at King’s College.
1843 Apprenticed to engineer, engaged for several years on railway work in Cornwall and S. Wales.
1868 Joined Survey. Became engaged in re-survey of portions of Somerset, later in first detailed Drift Survey of area N.W. of London.
Transferred to Suffolk and Norfolk. Made careful study of Forest Bed Series.
1884 1” Geol. Survey of England completed. Blake went to Reading and began 6” re-survey and mapping of Drifts.
1901 Died March 5th.
“East Dereham” (1888)
“Yarmouth and Lowestoft” (1890)
“Water Supply of Berkshire” (with Whitaker)
“Reading” (unfinished) (1903)
“Bury St Edmunds” (1886) with F.J. Bennett
Contributed notes to:
“E. Somerset” (1876)
“Stowmarket” (1881)
“Norwich” (1881)
“London” (1889)
Geol. Mag. 1901, p. 288
1808 Born December 24th.
1845 Joined Survey September.
1875 Died April 9th.
1882 Born March 28th at Spratton, Northants.
1902 Entered St. John’s College, Cambridge.
1st Class in Nat. Sci. Tripos. Awarded Harkness Scholarship.
1904-11 Devoted spare time to study of Keuper Marls of Leicestershire.
1912 Results published: “The Keuper Marls around Charnwood.”
1908 Joined Geol. Survey of Scotland.
Mapped part of Mull under C.T. Clough (Leaf-beds at Ardtun). Contributed to Memoir “Tertiary Mull” (1924).
1909 Resigned from Survey.
Worked abroad as oil geologist - in Galicia, Italy, Trindad, Barbados, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Texas, U.S. and Canada to within the Arctic Circle.
1921 Wollaston Fund.
1929 Died January 18th in London.
Q.J. 1929 p. LXIV
Geol. Mag. 1929 p. 191
Nature, March 30th 1929, p. 500
1817 Born May 17th. Son of Maj. Gen. H. Bristow.
Educated at King’s College, London. (Civil Engineering and Applied Science).
1842 Joined Survey: (1847 Geologist; 1867 Dist. Surveyor; 1872 Director).
1842 Worked in Radnor district on ORS and Sil:, then on Jurassic of Somerset and Gloucester Later: Dorset, Wilts, Hants, I.W., Berks., Sussex, Weald and E. Essex.
Memoirs: Isle of Wight (1862). “Berks and Hants” (1862 with Whitaker.) Contrib. Notes to “London Basin”, “Weald”, and “E. Somerset”.
Mapped and named “Penarth Beds” in Glam., Glas., and Somerset (see Geol. Mag. 1864 p. 238).
1861 “Glossary of Mineralogy” Published.
1862 Elected F.R.S.
1869 Translation of L. Simonin’s “La Vie Souterraine” - “Underground Life: or Mines and Miners.”
1872 Translation of Louis Figuier’s “World before the Deluge: and new chapter on the Rhaetic or Penarth Beds.
"Appointed Director of Survey, England and Wales. During Directorship 1"" Survey completed."
1888 Retired.
1889 Died June 14th.
Foreign Honours:
Diploma from Imp. Geol. Instit. Of Vienna.
Diploma and Insignia of an officer of Order of SS. Maurice and Lazarus (Italy).
List of Publications: Geol. Mag. 1889 p. 384.
Geol. Mag. 1889 p. 381
Nature, June 27th 1889 p. 206
Hist. Geol. Soc. H.B. Woodward.
Times 18th June 1889. [Copy of obituary attached to ms.]
1843 Born December 1st.
1867 Joined Survey 8th August.
1880 Resigned 22nd April.