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Help us create the first Hydrogeology of Africa pages in Wikipedia!!

At the 2019 IAH Congress we will be running a Wikipedia edit-a-thon to transfer content from the Africa Groundwater Atlas into Wikipedia, making hydrogeology information for Africa more visible and accessible to a wider audience.

What is an edit-a-thon?

A Wikipedia edit-a-thon is an event where people get together to edit Wikipedia - often focused on a specific topic. It helps to improve the content of Wikipedia and is an opportunity for people with similar interests to get together to learn how to edit the online encyclopedia, often while eating snacks and drinking beer (although this is optional).

There are currently no Wikipedia pages related to the hydrogeology of Africa. This edit-a-thon aims to change that by creating "Hydrogeology of ..." pages for every country in Africa. These will be based on the existing country pages in the Africa Groundwater Atlas, but edited to be more suitable for a general Wikipedia audience.

The aim of these new Wikipedia pages is to make African groundwater more visible to a wider audience - we hope you can join us to support this effort!

Where is it happening?

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