William Boyd Dawkins

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William Boyd Dawkins. P575812


Date Details
1837 Born December 26th at Buttington, Welshpool. Son of Rev. R. Dawkins. Educated at Rossall and Jesus College, Oxford. Took 2nd class in Classical and a 1st in Natural Science and was first holder of Burdett-Coutts Scholarship.
1862 Joined Geological Survey 30th June. Mapping in Kent and Thames Valley.
1866 Began publication of Monograph on “British Pleistocene Mammalia” (Pal. Soc.)
1867 Elected F.R.S.
1869 Resigned from Survey. Appointed Curator, Natural History Department, Manchester University and Lecturer in Geology at Owen’s College (Professor 1872. Resigned 1909).
1874 “Cave-hunting”.
1880 “Early man in Britain”.
1882 President Anthropological Section, British Association.
1888 President Geological Section, British Association.
1889 Lyell Medal.
1900 D.Sc. from Oxford.
1918 Prestwich Medal
1919 Knighted.
1929 Died January 15th at Bowden, Cheshire.
Did much work in connection with Channel Tunnel and Kent Coalfield and geological problems of all kinds. Late in life returned to study of Pleistocene and Prehistoric animals.
On retirement elected Hon. Professor of Manchester University and received Hon. D.Sc.

Biographies and obituaries

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List of publications: Geological Magazine (1909) pp 531-534.

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