William Talbot Aveline

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William Talbot Aveline


Date Details
1822 Born.
1840 Appointed, Assistant Geologist under De la Beche.
Worked for a short time in Somerset on the Mendip Hills, then transferred to South Wales and surveyed parts of Pembroke.
Worked through other countries into North Wales, across borders to parts of West of England and into Midlands as far as Nottingham.
1867 Appointed District Surveyor in charge of mapping of Lake District. Lived at Kendal till retirement.
1882 Retired.
1894 Murchison Medal.
1903 Died May 12th. [Copy of newspaper death notice with manuscript.]

Biographies and obituaries[edit]

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Obituary - William Talbot Aveline, F.G.S. (1822-12.5.1903). Geologists Magazine. New Series. v. 10 p.285-286. 1903

Newspaper death notice attached to ms.

BGS archives[edit]

GSM/DC/A/C/25/27-28 W T Aveline: Letters on his retirement.

GSM/DC/A/C/31/130 W T Aveline: Letters on his retirement

GSM/DR/Ra/A/2 Correspondence of A.Ramsey in various matters. Includes letters to Aveline (396), W.H.Baily, H.T...

GSM/GL/Av William Talbot Aveline Aveline was an early Survey geologist, joining in 1840. He worked briefly in the Mendip Hills and...

GSM/GL/Av/4 Three pages of pencil notes and colour sketches of geology around Builth by an early surveyor (W...

GSM/GL/Av/5 Letters and papers re Aveline's retirement.

GSM/GL/Bw/29/176 W T Aveline: Letters on annual reports.