Bernard Smith

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Date Details
1881 Born
1906 Geologist
1920 District Geologist
1931 Assistant to Director
1935 Director
1927 Bigsby Medal
1935 Fellow of the Royal Society
1935 Bolitho Medal

Biographies and obituaries

Dr. Bernard Smith and the Geological Survey. Nature 136, 96 (1935).

Fearnsides William George. Dr. Bernard Smith, 1881 - 1936 Obit. Not. Fell. R. Soc. 1936. 2 239–249.

Bernard Smith (1881-1936), Director of Geological Survey of Great Britain and Museum of Practical Geology National Portrait Gallery

Smith, Bernard 1937 QJGS 93


BGS archives

Ref No Title Description
GSM/DR/Ft/A/2 Correspondence on range of issues: letters to Bromehead, C.Davidson, H.Dewey, Fairley, A.Geikie...
GSM/DR/Sb/8/3 Publications The Pleistocene History of the West Midlands by Prof L J Wills; "Note on the water supply of Uriconium" by R W Pocock; "A Guide to the Roman City of Uriconium" by George E Fox; "The Geology of South Shropshire" by W W Watts; "Lead and Zinc Ores in the Pre-carboniferous Rocks of West Shropshire and North Wales" by Bernard Smith and Henry Dewey
GSM/DR/Sm Bernard Smith Bernard Smith was born in Grantham on 13 February 1881. In 1900 he went to Sidney Sussex College...
GSM/GL/Bm/1 Correspondence: letters to H.A.Allen, R.Crookall, J.S.Flett, J.A.Howe, F.L.Kitchin, W.F.P.McLintock, J.Pringle, B.Smith and C.J.Stubblefield. Some letters to Bromehead.
GSM/GL/De/5 Correspondence: letters to C.H.Dinham, F.L.Kitchin, B.Smith, C.J.Stubblefield, H.A.Allen.
GSM/GL/Ho/10 Correspondence: letters to C.H.Dinham, Kitchin, G.H. Mitchell and B.Smith
GSM/GL/Wr/36 Letters From F L Kitchin to W B Wright 71-79 letters; 1 letter from F L Kitchin to [?B] Smith; 1 list of text figures from W B Wright's paper on Freshwater Fauna
GSM/GL/Wr/43 Letters From B Smith to W B Wright
GSM/GL/Wy/1 Correspondence; letters to Chatwin, Eastwood, Kitchin and B.Smith

Bernard Smith

Bernard Smith was born in Grantham on 13 February 1881. In 1900 he went to Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge and gained a first in both parts of the Natural Sciences Tripos. In 1904 he was appointed University Demonstrator in Geology. Smith joined the Survey in 1906. He was promoted to District Geologist in 1920, became Assistant Director in 1931 and Director in 1935 on the retirement of Sir John Flett. Smith completed less than one year as Director and died at Hove on 19 August 1936 at the age of 55.