Geology of the Andover area: Concealed strata

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This page is part of a category of pages providing a summary of the geology of the Andover district (British Geological Survey Sheet 283), which extends over approximately 600 km2 of north-west Hampshire and a small part of eastern Wiltshire. Links to other pages in this category can be found at the foot of the page.
Authors: J Thompson, K A Lee, P M Hopson, A R Farrant, A J Newell, R J Marks, L B Bateson, M A Woods, I P Wilkinson and N J Smith.

There are six deep hydrocarbons boreholes, within or adjacent to the Andover district, which provide evidence of the strata encountered at depth. Figure P807821 shows the location of the boreholes and the Stratal thickness table details the stratal thicknesses within each. Seismic sections show that Ordovician to Carboniferous strata form the basement beneath the area.

Stratal thickness table
Key hydrocarbons boreholes and deeper wells in the Andover district and adjacent areas.
Strata Kingsclere Egbury 1 Upper Enham 1 Ham 1 Hurstbourne Tarrant Carnarvon Arms
Borehole number SU45NE 1 SU45SW 46 SU35SE 23 SU36SW 1 SU35SE 27 SU45NE 3
Grid reference 49840 58200 44484 52364 36598 50430 33100 62470 36032 53500 45720 59450
Palaeogene Absent Absent Absent Absent Absent 124.6
White Chalk


Absent 170.6 Absent Absent 217.6 12.5+
Grey Chalk


Absent 68.4 Absent 18.3
Upper Greensand


33.8 70.0 57.7 42.7 62.8
Gault Formation 86.6 41.0 58.7 84.1 55.5
Lower Greensand


13.7 10.5 11.3 4.8 10.4
Wealden ‘Group’ 178.9 118.5 127.1 11.0+ 125.9
Purbeck Group 164.3 43.5 53.8 36.3
Portland Group 43.6 46.0 53.4 50.0
Kimmeridge Clay


284.4 187.5 203.2 218.2
Corallian Group 53.6 58.0 57.5 125.0
Oxford Clay


95.1 117.3 132.7 25.0
Kellaways Formation 9.1 10.5 14.0 14.0
Great Oolite Group 85.0 93.9 108.1 61.0
Inferior Oolite


109.4 48.3 75.9 118.3
Lias Group† 360.9+ 377.7 495.5 38.4+
Penarth Group 9.3 28.5+
Permo-Triassic Absent
Ordovician to Carboniferous 29.0+

Notes: †The Lias Group undivided encompasses the old divisions of Lower, Middle and Upper Lias. Modern terminology that can be
applied to the strata encountered in these boreholes is discussed on the Jurassic page.

Location of key deep hydrocarbons boreholes in the Andover district and adjacent areas. P807821.

Additional data in nearby deep wells such as Farley South, Stockbridge, Lockerly and Humbly Grove can be found in Hopson et al. (2007)[1], Booth (2002)[2] and Farrant (2002)[3].


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