John Roche Dakyns M.A.

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Date Details
1836 Born January 31st in St. Vincent, West Indies, son of Dr. Th. Dakyns.
1845 Moved to Rugby and received early education there.
1855 Entered Trinity College, Cambridge.
1859 27th Wrangler in Maths Tripos. Teaching for 2 years.
1862 Joined Geological Survey as Assistant Geologist 16th January.
1868 Promoted to Geologist. Field work chiefly in West Riding of Yorkshire and bordering tracts of Derbyshire, Lancashire and Westmoreland.
1884 Transferred to Scotland on completion of 1inch mapping of England and Wales. Engaged for 10 years in mapping parts of the Forest of Atholl, to borders of Argyll and Loch Lomond district.
1892 Paper with Teall to Geological Society. “On the plutonic rocks of Garabal Hill”.
1894 Transferred to South Wales for 6 inch re-survey of coalfield.
1896 Retired. Remapped part of Snowdon area on 6 inch scale.
1910 Died September 27th.

Biographies and obituaries

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Obituary - John Roche Dakyns, M.A. Born 31st January 1836, died 27th September 1910. Geologists Magazine. New Series. v. 7 p.575. 1910


Date Details
1869 Part author of Memoir: North Derbyshire (1869)
1869 Part author of Memoir: Yorkshire Coalfield (1869 and 1978).
1870 Part author of Memoir: Leeds and Tadcaster (1870)
1871 Part author of Memoir: Dewsbury, Huddersfield and Halifax (1871)
1875 Part author of Memoir: Burnley Coalfield (1875)
1879 Part author of Memoir: Bradford and Skipton (1879)
1885 Part author of Memoir: Bridlington Bay (1885)
1886 Part author of Memoir: York and Hull (1886)
1886 Part author of Memoir: Driffield (1886)
1888 Part author of Memoir: Kendal and Sedbergh (2nd edition 1888)
1888 Part author of Memoir: Ingleborough (1888)
1891 Part author of Memoir: Mallerstang (1891)
1897 Part author of Memoir: Appleby (1897)
1900 South Wales Coalfield, Part II Abergavenny (1900)

BGS archives

Ref No Title Description
GSM/DC/A/C/7/180-181,199 J R Dakyns: Minutes on his appointment.
GSM/DC/A/C/24/225,231 J R Dakyns: Letter on his appointments to Survey.
GSM/GL/Bw/29/54 J R Dakyns: Letter on a change of station.
GSM/GL/Cm/2 Explanation of Sheet 203 new series with geology around Bedford, with additional notes by A.H...
GSM/GL/Dk John Roche Dakyns Notable for pioneer mapping of Snowdonia.