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Geological map of the Loch Assynt area, after British Geological Survey (2007), showing the localities described in Excursion 1.

From: Goodenough, Kathryn M. and Krabbendam, Maartin (Editors) A geological excursion guide to the North-west Highlands of Scotland. Edinburgh : Edinburgh Geological Society in association with NMS Enterprises Limited, 2011.

Excursion by Paul Smith and Robert Raine


To examine the stratigraphy and sedimentology of the foreland succession and the lower part of the Achmore Duplex, and to study the structural archi-tecture of the duplex. A good general introduction for any party visiting the North-west Highlands.

Aspects covered

Clastic and carbonate sedimentology, Precambrian-Lower Cambrian stratigraphy, structural geology of duplexes.


OS: 1:50,000 Landranger sheet 15 Loch Assynt; 1:25,000 Explorer sheet 442 Assynt and Lochinver. BGS: 1:50,000 special sheet, Assynt district.


Roadside outcrops on the first part of the itinerary; rough but low moorland and stream sections for the second half of the excursion. No part of the excursion is more than 500m from the road. There are a number of lay-bys at which it is possible to park, but the roadside part of the excursion is most easily accomplished by walking along the road, paying due attention to the traffic.


The two halves of the trip divide conveniently into separate half-day excursions or a single full day.


There are no access con-straints for this excursion, although care should be taken at roadside stops. Please note that this is a very popular excursion, and that the outcrops should not be hammered.

There are two parts to this excursion: