Geology in south-west Scotland: an excursion guide

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Originally published: Stone, P (editor). 1996. Geology in south-west Scotland: an excursion guide. (Keyworth, Nottingham: British Geological Survey.)

In memory of Byron Charles Lintern 1948-1993

Editor P Stone with assistance from A D McAdam and J I Chisholm. Contributors: M C Akhurst, R P Barnes, M P Boland, P J Brand, R F Cheeney, J I Chisholm, E N K Clarkson, D J Fettes J D Floyd, M J Gallagher, R A Hughes, A D McAdam, J A McCurry, A A McMillan, R J Merriman, S K Monro, E R Phillips, B Roberts, A W A Rushton, P Stone, C M Taylor, S P Tunnicliff, J A Weir, D E White supported by the Edinburgh Geological Society



Lower Palaeozoic regional geology

Graptolite biostratigraphy

Turbidite sedimentology


Upper Palaeozoic to Quaternary regional geology

Carboniferous palaeontology

Excursions 1-8 each provide one day of general interest covering a range of geological features.

1 Langholm and Canonbie

2 Thornhill

3 Rockcliffe to Gutcher's Isle

4 Shawhead, Crocketford

5 Kirkcudbright

6 Afton Water, Hare Hill and Bail Hill

7 Loch Doon and Carsphairn

8 Girvan and Ballantrae

Excursions 9-14 each spend one day developing a particular geological theme in some detail.

9 Dumfries

10 Southerness to Borron Point

11 Dundrennan Ranges, Gipsy Point

12 Gatehouse of Fleet

13 Whithorn

14 Barrhill and Newton Stewart

Excursions 15-18 are planned to cover 2 or 3 days developing a geological theme in a regional context.

15 Rhins of Galloway

16 Creetown and Cairnsmore of Fleet

17 The Orlock Bridge Fault and Moniaive Shear Zone

18 Graptolite biostratigraphy


Appendix 1 Mineralization

Appendix 2 Geological conservation



Mineral table



This excursion guide, the first to detail the varied geology of south-west Scotland, is dedicated to the memory of Byron Charles Lintern who died, after a short illness, on 12 January 1993, aged 44 years. Byron was born in Willington, County Durham and graduated in geology from Bristol University in 1970. He began his career investigating base metal deposits in Botswana; the structural geology of these deposits was the theme of his PhD study completed at Leeds University in 1978. From Leeds, Byron moved to the British Geological Survey, working in Wallingford and Swindon before joining the Edinburgh Office in 1984. There he applied his considerable expertise in structural geology to the reassessment of regional models for Southern Scotland. His mapping contributions in this area include the Kirkcudbright (5W) and Dalbeattie (5E) 1:50 000 sheets published in 1993. His research interests were focused on the major shear zones of the region; it is particularly appropriate that this volume contains an itinerary for the Moniaive Shear Zone, recognised and defined by Byron shortly before his death.

This selection of geological excursions within south-west Scotland has been compiled by Byron's friends and colleagues as a tribute to his scientific achievements. It provides a fitting memorial to an outstand­ing field geologist and will hopefully pass on to others his enthusiasm for the rocks of Galloway. It contains an introduction to the geology of the region, and 18 excursion itineraries which between them describe examples of most geological features that can be appreciated in the field. The first eight excursions are of general interest and are intended for the non-specialist, whereas the last ten concentrate on specific themes and are of a more specialised nature. Mineralisation in the region is separately reviewed and a final section considers geo­logical conservation with an appended list of Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

The British Geological Survey and the Edinburgh Geological Society are happy to join in producing this tribute to Byron.

Peter J Cook, DSc, CGeol, FGS Director, British Geological Survey

S Ian Hogarth, DRTC

President, Edinburgh Geological Society 7 April 1995