OR/13/001 Model images

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Figure 4    Bedrock geology for colours see Figure 3. (note maroon Red Crag blue Thames Group, red Lower London Tertiaries, green Chalk royal blue Gault Clay at base). VE x10.
Figure 5    Pre Anglian glaciation units for colours see Figure 3. (note Kesgrave Sand and Gravel dark pink). VE x10.
Figure 6    Including Anglian glaciation and Marks Tey and Clacton Hoxnian interglacial deposits for colours see Figure 3. (note Lowestoft Till sky blue, Glacial sand and gravel layers all pale pink and Glacial Silt and Clay layers blue, lacustrine deposits at Marks Tey brown). VE x10.
Figure 7    The Complete model from the southwest for colours see Figure 3. VE x10.
Figure 8    The model without artificial deposits from the southeast for colours.
(Figure 3).