OR/16/052 Model and data ownership and management

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Kessler, H, Terrington, R, Wood, B, Ford, J, Myers, T, Thorpe, S, and Burke, H. 2016. Specification of in- and output data formats and deliverables for commissioned 3D geological models. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/16/052.

Usually BGS (NERC) retains all IPR on any background and foreground data, which means we reserve the right to incorporate the data and model into the National Geoscience Data Centre and the National Geological Model.

Any client derived data and models (in particular boreholes and DTMs) should by default be deposited in the NGDC and should therefore be cleared from any IPR issues. Clarification on this must be sought from the client and a period of confidentiality might be negotiated.