OR/18/006 Summary

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Harrison, A, Jones, L, Entwisle, D, Hulbert, A, Lark, M, Mansour, M, Richardson, J, Wang, L, and White, J. 2018. User guide for the British Geological Survey GeoClimate: clay shrink-swell dataset. British Geological Survey. (OR/18/006).

This report describes the national scale assessment of Climatic Hazards and Natural Geological Events for Great Britain, this first dataset provides information on Shrink-Swell geohazards. The methods used to create the dataset have been critically assessed and its fitness for purpose determined by specialists in the BGS.

This document outlines the background to why the suite of datasets were created, their potential uses and provides a brief description. Technical information regarding the GIS and how the data was created is described and advice is provided on using the dataset.