OR/19/035 Acknowledgements

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Fellgett, M W, Kingdon, A, Fernie, A, Baker, G, Mehta, M, and Henderson, A F. 2019. Oilfield in a box: The Hutton Field dataset. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/19/034.

The author thanks the many individual co-authors of country pages in the Africa Groundwater Atlas, who advised on the development of these maps. They are referenced on the relevant Atlas country page and also on this page: http://earthwise.bgs.ac.uk/index.php/List_of_Authors .

Thanks are also due to BGS colleagues Jennifer Bow for GIS support with producing the final map shapefiles; Rob Smith and Gerry Wildman for support with licencing and data release; and Kirsty Upton and Melinda Lewis for reviewing this report.