OR/19/054 Recommendations

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Gareth Farr1, Jonathan Graham2, Andy Marriott1 & Elliott Hamilton1. 2019. Survey of selected tufa forming sites in Staffordshire, UK. British Geological Survey Internal Report, OR/19/054.

1  British Geological Survey
2  Fenland Botanical Surveys

Practical Recommendations

  • Trickle Ridge (RSPB Booth’s Wood & SCC Dale Sprink SSSI) consider erosion protection, fencing bank at base of Trickle Ridge adjoining public footpath.
  • ‘The Petrifactions’, Cotwalton Drumble — consider selective removal of sycamore and holly from above the dripping rock outcrops with tufa along the north bank to rejuvenate stands of Palustriella commutata which currently appear to be stunted due to heavy shading. Historic photos of these outcrops c.1915/16 suggest the site was once more open.
  • Emerald Cave and Dale Sprink (RSPB Booth's Wood & SCC Dale Sprink SSSI) — control of invasive Himalayan Balsam Impatiens glandulifera.
  • Emerald Cave (RSPB Booth's Wood & SCC Dale Sprink SSSI) — liaise with the private landowner(s) to promote the restoration of seepages associated with their water supply. Its location as a source of potable water may also have implications for how or when Himalayan Balsam is treated in the area, especially around the spring head and associated pipe work.

Research and survey recommendations

  • This small survey highlights the potential for varied and good condition H7220 sites in Staffordshire and an expanded survey could identify and help protect other tufa forming sites in Staffordshire.