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Regional guide areas of the UK

BGS has produced overviews of the regional geology for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. These geological summaries are intended to inform the general public of the geology in each of the regions covered. They form part of BGS's wider work on better communicating the geology of the UK.

The summaries are based on the areas used for the BGS Regional Guide publication series (see the image map)[1]. They have been written in the same format, in an easy-to-understand manner, and are intended to provide overviews of the geology of each of the regions covered. The summaries stand alone and contain a generalised geological map, cross-sections ('vertical slices') through the geology, and illustrations. Because of the variations in the geology and geological history in different regions, the colour scheme used and the way the rock units are subdivided in individual accounts may vary.

A digital model or 'framework' of geological sections has been produced by BGS for England, Scotland and Wales. Called GB3D, it provides an understanding of the regional structure of the geology to a depth of several kilometres. It is available for free download, in several formats.