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The Edinburgh Geological Society, founded in 1834, organises public lectures in winter, an excursion programme in summer and publishes books, leaflets, excursion guides and periodicals. We also maintain a geological library.

The aim of the society is to encourage public interest in geology and the advancement of geological knowledge. We are one of the largest geological societies in the UK.

As part of this collaboration the Society is providing field descriptions of geological walks, excursions and sites from its published guidebooks.

The following guidebooks have been converted to Earthwise walks:

Lothian Geology: an excursion guide

Ballachulish Igneous Complex an aureole: a field guide

Building stones of Edinburgh. 2nd edition.

Geology in south-west Scotland: an excursion guide (Produced with British Geological Survey)

Lothian Geology: an excursion guide

Scottish Borders geology: an excursion guide