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Welcome to the Africa Groundwater Atlas[edit]

This Atlas provides a summary of the hydrogeology and groundwater resources of 51 African countries, and a gateway to further information. The aim of the Atlas is to improve the availability and accessibility of high quality information on groundwater in Africa, to support the safe and sustainable development and use of groundwater resources.

As well as information on individual countries, Atlas provides links to further information, including through the Africa Groundwater Literature Archive, and also provides supporting information on many groundwater-related issues that affect sustainable groundwater development, management and use.

The Atlas provides groundwater information and maps at a national scale, not local, site-specific groundwater information. For site-specific groundwater assessments, such as siting new water boreholes, more detailed information is needed.

Hydrogeology and groundwater resources by country[edit]

Hydrogeology by country[edit]

The Hydrogeology by country section provides a profile of each of 51 countries in Africa, and a gateway to further information sources. Each country page provides a summary of the geology and hydrogeology of key aquifers, the status of groundwater resources, and groundwater management. For each country there is also supporting environmental information: climate, major rivers, soils and land cover.

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Contributing authors[edit]

The country profiles were prepared by the British Geological Survey (BGS) in collaboration with hydrogeologists, geologists and other groundwater experts from across Africa and beyond. The authors are cited on the relevant country pages, and details of all the contributing authors can be found here.

Resource pages[edit]

This section provides a series of pages with additional information on key issues related to hydrogeology, groundwater resources and management in Africa.

Supporting geological and environmental information[edit]

For each country, the Atlas also provides maps and graphs with information on environmental parameters closely related to groundwater: geology, climate, major rivers, soils and land cover.

Groundwater in Africa[edit]

Including information on maps of groundwater and hydrogeology of Africa and the Africa Groundwater Atlas country hydrogeology maps, and information on aquifer properties, recharge, groundwater quality, and groundwater use in Africa.

Developing groundwater resources[edit]

Including information on groundwater source types and stages and techniques for groundwater exploration and development, such as siting boreholes, borehole drilling, manual drilling and assessing source yield and water quality.

Groundwater management[edit]

Key groundwater issues[edit]

Including urban groundwater, groundwater and irrigation, and transboundary aquifers.

Case studies[edit]

These case studies give practical examples of groundwater issues and how they have been addressed in countries across Africa.

Groundwater Data[edit]

Groundwater Research in Africa[edit]

Educational Resources[edit]

Groundwater Organisations in Africa[edit]

Africa Groundwater Literature Archive[edit]

The Africa Groundwater Literature Archive is is an online library of documents about groundwater in Africa - a searchable database holding bibliographic references for thousands of items of literature related to groundwater in Africa. The documents include published and unpublished reports, journal papers, maps, books and academic theses.

Search the Archive by:

- location - search for all documents for a particular country; or for many of the documents, search for their detailed location on a map.
- thematic keyword - for example, search for documents about aquifer characterisation, groundwater quality, or socio-economics

The Archive gives full bibliographic references and, whereever possible, links to full-text documents.

Background information about the Africa Groundwater Literature Archive project.


Background to the Africa Groundwater Atlas[edit]

Further project information[edit]

Further information on the Africa Groundwater Atlas project.

Terms of use[edit]

Terms of use for information provided in the Atlas.

Contact us[edit]

If you would like further information about the Africa Groundwater Atlas, or have groundwater information you would like to see added to the Atlas, please contact us at

Wikipedia edit-a-thon[edit]

Helping create the first Hydrogeology of Africa pages in Wikipedia!

At the 2019 IAH Congress we ran a Wikipedia edit-a-thon to transfer content from the Africa Groundwater Atlas into Wikipedia, making hydrogeology information for Africa more visible and accessible to a wider audience.

Background information about the event